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Waterborne Anti Rust Primer (Salt spray test 240h)
Product Details

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·         INQUIRY FORM

Product description:

·         Unique anti-rust mechanism:

This product uses acrylic emulsion, resin and related fillers and auxiliaries. After scientific formulation, it is strictly adjusted to make the product have high-quality rust-proof function. The main mechanism is through the role of certain active pigments and rust-proof pigments in inorganic acids and related auxiliaries.
Then, an ionic gene that absorbs stable rust is formed, so that the active rust is deactivated, and the coordination complex reaction is achieved. During the coating process, the paint slurry is fully penetrated into the pinholes on the surface of the steel, separating and surrounding the rust.
In the paint slurry, after film formation, they slowly react with each other to further form a poorly soluble heteropoly acid complex.
The harmful rust is transformed into a useful protective layer, and it is firmly attached to the metal surface, thereby obtaining an effective and durable corrosion inhibition effect and the purpose of rust prevention.

·         Advanced process formula and scientific design scheme

This product absorbs the essence of anti-rust primer, poly-penetration type, conversion type, and stable type. It is a unique formula and technology. It adopts the scientific principle of penetration conversion and takes the design scheme supplemented by stable inert shielding into consideration.
Overcome the various prohibited areas of water-based antirust primers, and all technical indicators have reached industry requirements, creating a new era of water-based antirust primers.
It is the replacement product of traditional antirust primer.

·         Superior security

It uses inorganic raw materials, reasonable use of nanomaterials, choose inorganic organic modified high polymer, with water as diluent, paint film formation as inorganic salt layer, so odourless and pollution-free, non-flammable and non-explosive,VOC content less than 25, to ensure environmental protection and fire safety, to ensure the health of workers.

·         Excellent permanent film performance

The paint film formed by this product has excellent resistance to salt fog, salt water, fresh water, gasoline, oil, transformer oil, uv light, aging, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, heat and temperature change, strong paint film flexibility, repeated bending, not to be afraid of component collision, with all kinds of topcoat all-round compatibility, paint film life of 2~5 years.

·         Improve efficiency and reduce costs

This product has a coating function with rust, and some components can simplify the phosphating process and intermediate coating, saving time and effort, simple and fast, and can improve the work efficiency by more than 3 times. Water is used as a diluent, and the product utilization rate is 100%.
The brush area is about 12 to 15 square meters, the unit coating cost is low, and the rust resistance is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary rust primers, which can greatly reduce the investment of enterprises in anti-corrosion, labor protection, fire safety and environmental protection.
To achieve the purpose of increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

·         Broad applicability

This product is a high-grade water-based rust-proof primer. Due to its unique mechanism, scientific design, advanced technology, and excellent performance, it can be widely used in various ships, railway vehicles, automotive vehicles, tractors and various mechanical equipment, tower bridges, containers, oil fields
Anti-corrosion operation of all steel components such as various oil and gas pipelines, oil tanks, petrochemical facilities, coastal port facilities and so on.

Instruction for use

·         Surface preparation:

Before painting, the rust, slag, oil stains, loose thick rust and floating rust, old paint and the anti-rust oil on the cold-rolled steel plate should be removed. For components with high surface requirements, the rust must be completely removed.
Reaching Sa2.5 level, the steel components with low surface requirements or difficult to remove rust can be simply rusted or painted with rust.


·         Stir and dilute

The paint slurry should be fully stirred evenly. If the viscosity is too large, it can be diluted with tap water, but the amount of tap water should not exceed 10% of the total paint slurry.
After the paint must be used up within 30 days.

·         Construction environment

It should be painted on a sunny day. The ambient temperature is within the range of 5-40 ° C, and the relative humidity is preferably 80% ≤. It can not be applied in the environment below 3 ° C and the relative humidity is ≥80%. It cannot be applied in rainy or snowy weather.
The paint film should not be rained or washed with water within 4 hours.

·         Re-coatings interval

Ambient temperature under normal ambient humidity and temperature conditions (23 ° C ± 2, ambient humidity 50% ± 5), two coats can be applied after 15 hours. If the ambient temperature is above 30 ° C and the relative humidity is below 50%
Overcoating can be performed in 6 hours.

·         Spray method

This product is suitable for brush, spray, dip, roll and high pressure airless spray.

·         Painting tools

For brush coating, a soft brush (hair length 5cm) should be used. For roller coating, a roller (hair height 5mm) should be used. When spraying, spray nozzle diameter should be 0.4-0.6mm.
Spraying pressure is carried out in the range of Mpa 0.25-0.5.
Airless spraying is selected. The diameter of the nozzle should be in the range of 0.4-1.3mm, and the pressure of the nozzle should be 12-15Mpa.
During the construction process, the painting utensils must be used alone, and they should not be mixed with other paints or utensils. After use, they should be cleaned with tap water for repeated use.

·         Coating compatibility

This product can be used with any topcoat, but it must be applied under the condition that the primer is completely dry.

·         Reference dosage:

About 70 grams per square meter (dry film thickness is about 25μm).

·         Product packaging:

This product is packed in color-printed tinplate and plastic barrels, with specifications of 5 kg, 20 kg, and 50 kg.

·         Product transportation:

During transportation, do not invert, damage, collide, avoid direct sunlight, rain and freezing, and stack height below 2 meters.
The transportation temperature should be kept in the range of 0-40°C.
The product is water-based, odorless, non-flammable and non-explosive and belongs to the “Non-Dangerous Goods Regulations”.

·         Product storage:

This product should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with a superimposed height of less than 2 meters, an ambient temperature of 0-30°C and an ambient humidity of 50-85%.

·         Product warranty:

The validity period is 12 months from the date of shipment. If the shelf life is exceeded, as long as there are no hard lumps in the container, after stirring evenly, the inspection technical indicators can be continued if there is no change.

Technical data:

Test item

Test method



Film appearance


R01 Iron oxide red/ B01 dark grey

Flat & smooth










Impact strength



Surface dry time



Actual dry time



Oven dry time

Model 101-1 Air Circulation Oven



Solid content



Covering strength





≤Level 2

Salt spray resistance



Water resistance



Artificial aging resistance



Thermal denaturation



 transformer oil resistance



Petrol resistant



Nitro resistance





Dry film thickness






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