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Outdoor thin steel structure fireproof coating
Product Details
Product features
-Advanced technology, reasonable formula, mature technology, convenient construction. 
-Excellent technical performance, with good durability and reliable fatigue resistance.
-Wide application range, the product can be widely used in industrial and civil buildings outdoor steel structure fire protection.
-Surface coating can be mixed into a variety of colors, excellent decorative effect

Basic ingredients
Polyphosphoric acid skeletonization, tripolyurethane, pentaerythritol, chlorinated paraffin, fire-resistant fibers, etc. 
Binder: acrylic emulsion, polyvinyl emulsion, no asbestos, methanol and benzene and other volatile and harmful substances. 
Grass-roots treatment and construction methods. 
1, the construction is suitable for wiping or spraying, spraying tools using self-weighting spray gun, spraying air pump pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa.
2、 Pay attention to the consistency of the construction paint, not to fall down when spraying is appropriate.
3、 According to the fire resistance limit level, spraying should be done in 2-3 times, and the second time after the basic curing. The last one is recommended to be smoothed out to facilitate the construction of the top layer of paint. 
4、 Construction of the top layer. CD basic drying of the bottom layer of fireproof coating before the construction of the surface layer, it is appropriate to use matching surface coating, - bottom layer moisture content of 10%, if there is a special need to use solvent-based surface coating, the bottom layer moisture content is less than or equal to 8%. 
-Surface coating can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. 

-Generally, 2 coats are applied to the top layer, which must be completely closed.

Performance index
-Fireproof performance: in line with: GB14907-2018 "steel structure fireproof coating" standard. 

Storage and transportation 
-The coating is suitable for storage in the environment above 0°, with a shelf life of six months.
-Packaging and transportation should be freeze-proof and impact-proof

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