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Fire dike fireproof coating
Product Details
Product features

-The fireproof dike fireproof coating is developed by our company, which can be applied to thousands of industrial and civil buildings and highways, railroads (including subway) condensate surface, and can form a fireproof thermal insulation protection layer when it is in fire, in order to improve the fire resistance limit of its structure. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, non-hazardous, and has excellent fireproof performance, and is a dual function coating of environmental protection and fireproof.

Product information
-The Basic composition.
Expanded vermiculite, high-strength binder, Yin-ene fiber, high-temperature resistant materials, insulation materials such as drying aids and other composite raw materials made from, does not contain asbestos A wake and stupid and other volatile harmful substances.
-Grassroots treatment and construction methods.
1. Before construction, the concrete surface should be dusted and decontaminated. If the concrete surface is too smooth, take measures such as brushing on its surface.
2 base layer construction ratio coating powder: matching rubber = 2:1, accurate weighing powder, rubber and the right amount of water, add Mixing with a mixer for more than 10min (sure to ensure the mixing time, paint to accompany the use), into a thick paste; use self-weighting spray gun spraying, coating thickness 2-3mm to make it form a rough surface, before layering construction.
3. After the bottom layer is basically dry (7~8% dry), carry out the layering construction.
(1) ratio coating powder rubber = 4:1, accurate weighing day powder, rubber and the right amount of water, add with a mixer to mix more than 10min, into a thick paste.
(2) spraying with a spraying machine (self-weighting gun or squeeze pump), each spraying 3-6mm thick.
(3) to be sprayed for the first time after the basic dry, continue to spray the second such cycle until spraying to the design thickness. The last time should not be constructed too thick, should be compacted, calendaring paint.
4. Surface decoration such as the use of spray construction, the appearance of the coating for uniform granular surface and sound-absorbing function, a Yin not smoothed. If it is necessary to smoothing treatment, it should be done after the last spraying. When there are surface decoration requirements, the fireproof coating surface can be sprayed (brush) coated with other decorative coatings.

Performance index

-Fireproof performance: conform to GB28375-2018 "Concrete structure fireproof coating" standard.

Storage and transportation 
-The product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse with temperature above 0°or above and prevent from sunlight exposure.
-Six months shelf-life storage period. Packaging and transportation should be protected from rain and moisture.
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