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Waterborne epoxy iron red anti-rust primer (XGE-HY)
Waterborne epoxy iron red anti-rust primer is a two-component quick-drying waterborne epoxy anti-rust primer containing active anti-rust pigments and flash rust inhibitors.
Product Details

Recommended Applications

Used as a universal primer for steel surfaces in slight and moderate corrosive environments, the surface can be coated with waterborne acrylic, waterborne epoxy, waterborne polyurethane, and suitable solventborne coatings.

Film thickness and coating rate




Dry film thickness (μm)




Wet film thickness (μm)




Theoretical coating rate (L/m2)




Physical character



Solid contents


flashing point








Surface Treatment

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt, and the surface should follow ISO8504 before evaluation and processing.

Bare steel

Cleanliness: Sand blasting to a minimum of Sa 2 1/2(ISO 8501-1:1988) or ultra-high pressure spray water treatment to WJ 2 during maintenance (NACE No.

5/SSPC-SP 12). Roughness: Treated to fine to medium (30-85 μm, Ry5) (ISO 8503-2) with angular sand (G).

Steel coated with primer

clean, dry and approved primer

Other surfaces

This product can be applied on another substrate. Refer the details to the company.

Engineering Conditions

Substrate temperature must not be lower than 10°and should be at least 6°or more above the dew point of the air. Temperature and relative humidity should be measured near the substrate. In narrow area, good ventilation is usually required to ensure proper drying.

Manner of application

Spray coat    Use airless spray or air spray.

Brush coat    It is recommended for pre-coating and small-area coating, but the required dry film thickness must be achieved.

Roll coat    It can be used in small areas, but it is not recommended as  the first primer . In the case of roller coating, sufficient materials must be applied to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Engineering Specs

Mixing ratio (mass ratio): component A:component B=5:1, stir evenly. To ensure proper mixing, the two components are mixed. Use a mechanical stirrer to stir the mixture, and use a mechanical stirrer after mixing the two components. Stir evenly (at least 1 minutes).

Service life after mixture (23℃): 4hours.Attn: The paint can no longer be used beyond its service life. It is recommended to use the alarm notice before its expiry.

Thinner/cleaner: Clean water.

Spraying parameters: When applying by spray coating, it is necessary to adjust according to the actual spraying conditions. It is recommended to test the spray in a small area and obtain the proper spray parameters before coating.

Drying time

Factors such as ventilation conditions, temperature, film thickness, and coating degree will affect drying time. Typical data listed in the table below are based on the following conditions:

** Good ventilation (outdoor or natural air circulation) * *Typical film thickness

** Unigrade coating on inert substrates * *Relative humidity 70%

Substrate temperature





surface dry

80 minutes

60 minutes

45 minutes

45 minutes

solid dry

2 days

2 day

15 hours

10 hours


14 day

10 day

7 day

5 day

The shortest coating time interval

24 hours

16 hours

10 hours

6 hours

The above data is for guidance only, actual drying time/The time interval before coating can be long or short, depending on the film thickness, ventilation conditions, humidity, the underlying paint, advance loading and unloading requirements, and mechanical strength. For the complete package, see the corresponding supporting records which includes all parameters and special conditions.

Typical package

Corrosion environment classificationC4ISO 12944slight corrosion environment

waterborne epoxy iron red anti-rust primer                        2 x 40 um ( dry film thickness)

waterborne epoxy zinc-rich primer                       2 x 35 um ( dry film thickness)

Corrosion environment classificationC5-IISO 12944Moderate corrosion environment

waterborne epoxy zinc-rich primer                       1 x 40 um ( dry film thickness)

waterborne epoxy iron red anti-rust primer                        2 x 40 um ( dry film thickness)

waterborne epoxy zinc-rich primer                       2 x 35 um ( dry film thickness)

The specific circumstances can be formulated with other supporting records.

Tech Data

Technological Statement

Technical index

Testing Method


1. Appearance


Visual inspection

2. The viscosity out of factory



3. fineness (um)



4. Solid content (%)

≥ 55


5. Theoretical coating rate (/kg)


Plates coated inside the factory

6. Covering power g/



7. Adhesion (circling method)

Class 1


8. Drying time

surface dry 30 min, solid dry 24h


Temperature≥25°C; Humidity≤70

9. Thickness of dry film (um)

≥ 40


10. Dry film gloss %


11. Pendulum hardness

≥ 1


12. Impact resistance (kg/cm)



13. Flexibility (mm)



14. Alkali resistance (h)



Soaked in 2% NaOH solution

15. Acid resistance (h)



Soaked in 2% H2SO4 solution

16. Salt-fog resistance



17. water-resistance (h)



18. VOC emission

- ≤48


National Standard below 200

Other information

Construction equipment preparation and cleaning procedures

In order to avoid contamination of the waterborne paint by the solvent, the spray equipment must be properly adjusted before use. All solvent-contacting pumps, tubes, guns, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned according to the following steps:

If the construction equipment is made of stainless steel and is used exclusively for the construction of waterborne paints, this preparation and cleaning work is not required.

Before spraying: Rinse with water in equipment and pipes until it is thoroughly clean.

After spraying: Rinse the equipment and piping with water and leave no residual paint.


It must be stored in accordance with national regulations. The storage environment should be dry, cool, well ventilated, and away from sources of heat and fire. The packaging container must be kept closed and frozen.

Storage life23°CComponent A1yearComponent B1 year Then it is necessary to check again to determine. The increase in storage temperature will significantly shorten the storage life.


Loading with caution. Stir evenly before use.

Package Spec

20Kiloscomponent A 17.5Kiloscomponent B 2.5 Kilos.

Depending on local needs, different packaging specifications may be available in different countries.

Health and safety

Please note the warning label on the container. Use in good ventilation. No inhaling coating fog. No contact with skin. Paint splashed on the skin should be immediately flushed with a suitable cleaning agent, soap and water. Paint splashed into eyes should be thoroughly cleaned with water and seek medical attention immediately.

For detailed health and safety information and precautions for this product, please consult our Material Safety Handbook.


The information provided in this product specification is based solely on the knowledge we have gained in the laboratory and in practice. However, since the use of products is usually out of our control, we only guarantee the quality of the products. We reserve the right to modify this manual without prior notice.

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