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Product advantages
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Water-based coatings advantages

Environment friendly & zero pollution

Waterborne coatings are beneficial to the friendly and healthy development of the environment from the source and use of raw materials. The organic solvent in the production process is volatile, and the coating machine and tools can be washed with water. On the other hand, the amount of organic solvent volatilization is reduced, improving the environment in the workplace and reducing the damage to the worker's body.

More safe

Solvent based coatings storage and use of flammable and explosive raw materials, there is a risk of fire and explosion accidents and the production and use of water-based coatings, reduce the demand for flammable and explosive raw materials, while lower the risk.

Save costs

The first is the reduction in environmental costs. In the traditional solvent-based coating production process, a large amount of organic waste gas is generated. In order to meet the emission requirements, the enterprise needs to configure the exhaust gas treatment facilities and related supporting facilities, and bear the daily operation and maintenance costs.

The second is the reduction in security costs. Water-based paints use water as a diluent to make them safer coatings. The fire hazards from production to transportation to application are significantly lower than traditional solvent-based coatings. Therefore, for enterprises, the input cost of security will also be reduced accordingly.

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