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We specialize in the production of environmental protection anyi-corrosion water-based coatings.

Main products: water-based anticorrosive primer, water-based anticorrosive finish, water-based bottom combined metal paint, water-based metal finish, water-based fluorocarbon paint, water-based inorganic zinc rich primer, water-based epoxy anticorrosive paint, water-based epoxy zinc rich anticorrosive paint; Waterborne epoxy metal topcoat and varnish; Advanced interior and exterior coatings.

Water-based industrial paint is widely used in Ships, Vehicles, Machinery and equipment, Containers, Bridges, Iron towers, Boilers, Pipelines, Oil tanks and other steel components of the anti-rust, anti-corrosion operations, which opened up a new field of surface coating technology in China, fill the gap at home and abroad.

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