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One coat with primer and finish (XGE-621)
This item is a one coat with primer and top coat for galvanized material, contains waterborne acrylic emulsion and polyurethane, etc. It can solidify in the temperature below 5 ℃. It is weather-resistant and less color-variance in weather complication environment.
Product Details

Typical Application

It can be applied to the surface coating upon steel structures, galvanized items and nickel-plated items in the highly corrosive environment, such as railway vehicles, iron towers and bridges, containers, oil-field facilities, gas pipelines.


Orange (RAL2009); Red (RAL3020); Black (RAL9005); Grey (RAL7046).

Product Data


Measurement standard


Room temperature

Natural drying

Solid content

ISO 3233


Glossiness (60°)

ISO 2813




Surface drying

20 ℃


Entirely drying


Recommended Coating In Each Layer

Film thickness & coating rate

Wet film thickness

Dry film thickness

Theoretical rate of coating




Min (One layer)




Max (Two layers)




Surface Treatment

Before coating, check if the surface coat is dried or not, oil-contaminated or not, lime-contaminated or not. Ensure the surface with no damage before coating.

No rain wash within 10 hours after coating.

Engineering Method

Stir evenly the paint after unpackaging, and leave it for 10 minutes and do the coating. Spraying, roller painting and brushing are accepted. It shall be noted that the thickness of each coat shall comply with the stipulation.

Diluent And Amount

Diluent is water, and the amount is 10%.


Plastic drum or tin bucket, 5L, 10L20L, 50L respectively.

Health And Safety

This product is environment-friendly, hazard-free, non-inflammable, non-explosive, no potential safety hazard.

Wash with clean water in the case of any touch with clothes or eyes.

Expiration Date

12 months after being sold out of the factory.

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