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Waterborne Baked On Coating For Glass
Product Details

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Product Features:

This product uses imported high-quality water-based acrylic resin as the main film-forming substance, supplemented with pigments.
It is a one-component baking paint, with good film adhesion, high hardness, high fullness, and good decorative effect.
Non-combustible, non-explosive, safe.

Product Usage:

Suitable for all kinds of glass surface painting, the colors are white and black.

Product features:

· This product is a single component package.
It is safe to use water as a thinner, and the tools are easy to clean and meet the requirements.

· Paint film has high hardness and good fullness.

Construction instructions:

· Steel substrate processing: sandblasting or phosphating;

· Before use, the paint solution must be stirred evenly. After thinning, use 200 mesh silk cloth after filtering.

· It can be applied by spray coating or roller coating. The roller coating viscosity is 100 ~ 115S, the coating viscosity is 80-90S (4 cups, 20 ℃), and the baking temperature is 120 ~ 180 ℃ for 30 minutes.

Can be sprayed with a water-based electrostatic gun, effectively reducing losses.

Technical parameters:


Uniform, no precipitation, no agglomeration









Salt spray resistance

Solid content


Acid resistance(0.1NH2SO4)

Film color&apperance

Flat and smooth

Alkali resistance(0.1NaOH)



Water resistence

No significant change in 7 days


Level 1

Thermal denaturation(-40℃~+80℃)

No crack or exfoliation of coating layers in 10 cycles

Impact resistance

Artificial aging resistance(600h)

light loss rate≤20%Chromatic aberration≤3.0NBS,

Other unchanged



1. At the end of construction, all appliances should be immediately flushed with water to avoid clogging the pipeline.

2. This product is a water-based paint, but we are still responsible for reminding: please avoid inhaling paint mist as much as possible; immediately splash the paint on the skin with a suitable cleanser, soap and water; if it splashes into the eyes, please use clean water
Rinse and consult a doctor.

3. The data in this product brochure is for reference only, and the specific data of the construction of each project shall prevail.

4.Packing specifications: 20kg, 50kg plastic drum.

Storage and transportation:

· The effective storage period of the product is 6 months. Store in a cool, dry place, and store in the dark above 0℃.

· Protect against severe cold, sunlight and rain during transportation.

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