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Waterborne Baked On Varnish For Aluminum
Product Details

Categories: Baked On CoatingsMetal


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Product description:

This product is a single component baking colorless or colored transparent paint with high grade resin as film-forming material.

Composition: high-grade resin auxiliary agent water, etc.

Features: Excellent brush wipes. This product with water as the dispersion medium, no ignition point at room temperature, no combustion and no explosion; Excellent adhesion weatherability and protective decoration performance; Construction process and coating film forming process, in accordance with the requirements, in accordance with the instructions.

Scope of application: Applicable to a variety of erasable ink board chalk board printing iron printing aluminum and other metal surface.

Technical parameters:


Various transparent and viscous liquid









Solid content





Level 0

Impact resistance

≥50 kg·cm


≤1 mm


Construction reference:

◆ Description of the substrate: The substrate is one of the sun umbrella parts. It is a polished aluminum piece with wax on the surface.

◆ Surface treatment: first remove the wax on the surface of the workpiece to be coated, you can use dewaxing water or tianna water, wipe it gently, take the cotton ball as the black standard, pay attention to the corners, remove the floating ash, floating rust oil and other impurities.
Clean and dry on the surface of the workpiece to be coated.

◆ Construction method: manual spraying.

◆ Thinner Pure water or clean water.

◆ Dilution ratio: add water according to 10% ~ 20% of the original paint weight, or make appropriate adjustments according to specific conditions.

◆ Construction viscosity: spraying viscosity: 30 ~ 40 seconds (-4 cups, 23 ± 2 ℃).

◆ Construction process: substrate treatment 60 ℃, pre-baking, manual spraying, thickness control within 8-15μm.

After simple leveling, enter the drying tunnel, 140-160 ℃, 30min.


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