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Waterborne Baking Varnish For Aluminum
Product Details

Categories: Baked On CoatingsMetal


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Product description:

This product is a one-component drying colorless or colored clear lacquer using high-grade resin as a film-forming substance.

Product features:

·         Excellent pen wipeability;

·         This product uses water as the dispersion medium. It has no burning point at normal temperature and does not burn or blast;

·         Excellent adhesion, weather resistance and protective decoration properties;

·         The construction process and the coating film forming process are green and safe, meet the requirements and comply with the instructions.

Application Scope:

Suitable for metal surfaces such as aluminum profiles, aluminum products, stainless steel props, etc.

Technical data:




Muliti Color







Solid Content











≤1 mm




Application Method:

·         Description of the substrate: The substrate is one of the sun umbrella parts, which is a polished aluminum piece with wax on the surface.

·         Surface treatment: first remove the wax on the surface of the workpiece to be coated, you can use wax or water, wipe it gently, use black cotton as the standard, pay attention to the corner position, remove impurities such as floating ash, floating rust and oil, etc.
The surface of the workpiece to be coated is clean and dry.

·         Construction method: manual spraying.

·         Thinner: pure water or clean tap water.

·         Dilution ratio: add 10%~20% of the original paint weight, or adjust according to the specific conditions.

·         Construction viscosity: spray viscosity: 30~40 seconds (coating -4 cups, 23±2 °C).

·         Construction process: the substrate is treated at 60 °C, pre-bake artificial spraying, the thickness is controlled at 8-15um, and the simple leveling is followed by the drying tunnel, 140-160°C, 30min.

·         Drying method: 140-160±2°C, baking for 30min.


·         The quality of the metal substrate treatment will directly affect the molding effect and protective performance of the coating film.

·         This product should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, temperature 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C, valid for one year; if the storage period, after passing the test can still be used.


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