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Waterborne Insulating Coating
Product Details

Category: Specialty Coatings


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Product description:

This series are environmental friendly with low odor, consists of waterborne resins, pigments, auxiliaries and water.

This product produces a cross-linking reaction by baking water-based resin to form a stable and strong three-dimensional polymer network structure, which makes the paint film hard, smooth and smooth, and has excellent adhesion, flexibility and insulation.

This product is suitable for impregnating motors, electrical coils, etc.

This product has excellent fast drying and electrical insulation properties and is a Class B insulation material.
This product uses tap water as a diluent and has a safety feature.

As a solvent-based insulating varnish replacement product, it is mainly used as an impregnating insulating varnish for transformers, ballasts, various types of coils, chargers, motors and other electrical products, and can also replace solvent-based enamelled wire lacquer.
The insulation level is up to Class H.

Technical data:


Coating: Ivory-white;

Paint film: bright, transparent, flat and smooth



Solid content




Impact resistance


Dry time


Volume resistivity

Normal ≥1×1014 Ω·cm,

Application method:

This product is dip-coated.
Before the impregnation, pour the original paint into the tank, add about 20~30% of clean tap water to dilute, and completely immerse the workpiece for about 5 minutes. After the workpiece is allowed to cool and dry, it is baked in the oven.
Due to the different construction conditions and processes of each user, please carry out the construction under the guidance of our engineers.

Packing and storage: 200kg / barrel.
The storage period of this product is half a year, and it can still be used after passing the inspection.
This product should be stored in a cool, dry place at 0-40 °C.
Store and transport as non-dangerous goods.

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