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Anhui SGtech Coatings Co., Ltd is established in 2010, located in Tianchang, Anhui.

With developed transportation, it is a diversified environmental protection industry

high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment, it has been based on water-based

environmental protection coatings and outstanding enterprises in the industry. We’re

engaged in research, development, production, sales and after-sales of industrial

water-based environmentally friendly paints, with industrial microwave drying

equipment, industrial water treatment equipment parts and consumables, industrial

sewage treatment series chemicals as auxiliary fields, and the product chain is


The company has a professional team of senior technical engineers with rich

experience, which keeps our company's technology and practical ability in the field of

water-based environmental protection paint at the forefront, providing multi-faceted

products and services for users in various industries and regions.

With the improvement of the company's research and development technology, our

products are more recognized by the market. Our products are exported to Africa,

Australia, Singapore, South America and other countries and regions. In 2017, the

export volume reached 150,000 liters. While in 2018, the number was more than


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